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Martellotto Cellars

Some people’s lives are singularly focused. They seem to have been born to do something particular. The kid who took apart watches at five becomes an engineer at 25. What will you be has an easy answer. Instead, Greg Martellotto has led a multifocal life. From age 5 to 22, he played soccer and expected to be a pro. At 19 he ran a house painting company and turned it into a franchise. At 20, he attended Stanford University on a soccer scholarship but studied biology with the thought of going to medical school. After graduation with a bachelor’s degree and the end of soccer dreams, he took off for three years and traveled to 55 countries. When Greg returned, his wine business took shape, made out of threads from his past, a love for cooking and wine, for entertaining friends. His business, too, is multi dimensional and includes an uncommon range of activities for a small company, from winemaking and viticulture to importing wines and distributing them. Each of his wines has a different story, a different label, a different genesis. If what you read here suggests a frenetic, fast talking persona, you’d be wrong. Greg Martellotto is calmly thoughtful and at 40 is still the athlete that he has always been. Only now, he has a yoga teaching certificate. According to photos, he stands on his head with ease, but also bends to plant grape vines in dirt. He shares a growing consensus among leading younger winemakers that vineyards should be farmed sustainably without an overdose of agricultural chemicals and that wine should be “naturally made and honest, not adulterated.”

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  • Specialists

    We've been in business for two decades, specializing in just Californian and Italian wine
    of the month clubs. We know the winemakers personally and understand which wines are classics and which are poised to set trends.
    While we quote scores, we go beyond numbers to explore how wines are made and grapes are grown, who's taking shortcuts and who isn't.

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  • Personal Touch

    Our gifts never include computer print-outs. Instead, the gift receiver sees a personal letter and a hand-written gift card in the box. We can perform any number of personal services, including readdressing packages to vacation homes or holding packages while customers are traveling.

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  • Wine Club Newsletter

    Each box of wine that we send includes the best newsletter in the business, magazine quality wine reviews, interviews with the winemakers, and specific details about the regions where the grapes are grown. Wine is like everything else. The more you know about it, the more you can appreciate it.

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"Over the years I have belonged to several wine clubs, but none of them matched the quality of wines and consistency of service as Celebrations Wine Club. I have remained a member for almost 15 years for this reason and because of the great flexibility in the kinds of wines I can buy from both Italy and California. Through Celebrations Wine Club, I have enjoyed some of the most interesting wines I have ever tasted, especially wines from boutique producers that I would never have known about because of limited production and distribution. Celebrations truly is one of the best on-line sources for great wines. "

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