Where Is the Common Ground?

Common Ground is that wonderful place where most people would congregate if it were nearby, that place where common sense and common decency would unite and embrace. It is the place, clearly violated, in the widely seen photo of four armed French police, surrounding a Muslim woman sitting on a beach with…

To Give or Not to Give, That is the Question

With the holidays approaching, I thought I’d take this opportunity to get serious and talk about giving. My faith teaches me that we are to give of our time, our talents, and our tithe. Most faiths, if not all, teach an obligation to take care of those in our society less fortunate.

Laughable Laws and Liquor

In my home state, liquor laws are archaic and highly restrictive. The first challenge is that, quite simply, it’s the heart of the Bible Belt. While that makes it a state known for charity, heartiness, and selflessness, it also leads to the view that the consumption of alcohol in any form is sinful and a sure path to self-destruction.

Who Invented Wine?

While enjoying a refreshing glass of Wilderotter Vineyard’s Sauvignon Blanc 2104 (unashamed plug of one our great wines), I started thinking. Who invented wine? Was it invented? Or, was it simply an accidental discovery? Out came the pocket protector and the quest for answers began.

How Wine Classification Systems Help

Ultimately, a wine classification system provides not only additional information about what the bottle contains but also valuable consumer protection. So briefly, here is the Italian system, made simpler in 2011 when the EU standardized wine classification for member states.

London Bridge Is Falling Down

When my daughter took a job in London at the end of April, little did I know that I would be visiting her during the historic referendum of 23 June, when the brave people of England voted to extract themselves from the European Union and create their very own destiny. Apart from the tourists, whose currency immediately…

Fake Wine, Here to Stay?

We have fake diamonds, hardwood floors, fur, meat, among many other fakes. Now we can add fake wine to the roll. But the fake wine under discussion is not about counterfeiting labels and selling plonk to collectors. It is literally about mixing together raw ingredients, none of them grapes, that mimic the taste and…

The Minerality Debate

Wine professionals are lately debating the word minerality, commonly used to describe a particular flavor in wine. Is it a real flavor derived from the mineral content of the soil? The science says “no,” at least the existing science. One thing is clear. We all recognize not only the word but also the flavor it describes when we…

We Are Cool!

Given the latest statistics on wine consumption, we are very cool. Why? Because Celebrations Wine Club members drink Italian and/or Californian wine, now the two most desirable wine categories in the United States, and probably do it almost every day, unlike most of our fellow citizens, who have yet to enjoy either one.