Francois and Barbe-Nicole

So, last month we had a bit of background surrounding Francois and Barbe-Nicole who were secretly married in the caves under the city of Reims. Francois was a dreamer. His every intent was to reinvent his family’s business. They too were a textile family. They were also minor wine merchants.

A Bit of Champagne History

This month I’m writing a small bit of history about an incredible woman who founded a process as well as an amazing business that allows us to afford and enjoy the wonderful thing that is Champagne. More specifically the Champagne Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin out of Reims France. The story begins in 1789…

Champagne or Sparkling Wine

This month we are going to delve a bit into Champagne. A delicious and exciting treat that (in my opinion) is welcome anytime! All Champagne is sparkling but, not all sparkling is Champagne. “Always keep a bottle of Champagne in the fridge for special occasions. Sometimes, the special occasion is that you’ve got a…

What’s in a Name? Labels

Do wine labels confuse you? For the majority of wine novices labels can be a bit confusing, but armed with a bit of knowledge, shopping for wine becomes much more enjoyable! Rule #1; know your bottle’s purpose! Are you serving it with dinner, having a casual glass with friends, or, is it a gift? This is a very important …

Port Wine – The Scoop!

Made for centuries in the rugged region of northwest Portugal’s Douro Valley, Port is a fortified wine that leans heavily on the sweeter spectrum and comes in a variety of styles ranging from the youthful Ruby Port, to aged Tawnies, and Late-Bottled Vintage Ports down to the distinguished character of Vintage Port.

Wine Closures

One area of wine knowledge that is very misunderstood has to do with wine closures. This month we are going to explore some myths and other fun information. Since we explored corks last month I want to begin with a few myths about corks and wine. Do you believe that you must typically uncork or decant…

What Is an AVA & What Is It For?

AVA is an acronym for American Viticultural Area. Legally speaking, it is a designated wine grape growing region in the United States distinguishable by geographic features, with boundaries defined by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) of the United States Department…

What’s in a Cork?

My next few articles will focus on facts and fiction about corks and wine closures, one of the most significant aspects of our wine pleasure! Great news first! There is NOT a cork shortage! We have enough cork to seal all of the bottles of wine produced over the next one hundred years or more! Harvesting the bark for corks…

Getting to Our Best Place

In all things, perfect practice makes perfect, imperfect practice does not. Are there areas in which you would love to improve? Your pallet for wines or maybe that perfect pairing you’ve always wanted to accomplish with your favorite wine? There is one thing out there that will propel you forward.

A Chef’s Passion

As I sat and contemplated my article this month, I became a bit perplexed. I go over hearing about New Year’s resolutions and the saddening percentage of those that are kept. I, for one, do not make resolutions. Every day I strive to be better at whatever it is. I attempt to be a strong encourager, but like most, I do fall down.