Bodegas Paso Robles 2010 Pimenteiro


Bastardo, which is this varietal’s name in Portugal, is known by 27 different names (the approved name in the USA is Trousseau). There may be 15 acres of this grape in production in the USA, but the acreage could be less.

The budwood for these vines came from the El Gavilan Vineyard, planted in the 1890s, and obtained by grower Ron Siletto before the original vineyard was removed and replaced by new root stock and different grapes. Bastardo is a heritage grape that is in danger of disappearing from the American winemaking porfolio.

The 2009 Pimenteiro — which means “pepper pot” in Portuguese — has a bouquet of white and black pepper with a hint of blueberry. The long finish, full of plum and cherry, also has the distinct flavor of white and black pepper. This unusual wine is perfect for blue cheeses — perhaps the most difficult food to pair with wine! Serve with any food that likes pepper: rib-eye steak, mushroom soup, butternut squash soup, grilled salmon, lamb, steak, cured paella, stews, and chocolate.

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Bodegas Paso Robles 2010 Pimenteiro