Meeker Vineyard 2013 Winemakers’ Handprint Merlot


This is Meeker Vineyards signature wine and well deserving of a place in the Collectors Series wine club. A feature without the signature wine just wouldn’t be the same. We were able to obtain the 2013 Winemaker’s Handprint Merlot just in time. In the beginning, Meeker put their handprints on these bottles so everyone would know it was a Meeker Merlot – big, fruit-forward, full-bodied, and with tannic structure for days. Now you know what kind of wine this is! They keep handprinting because the bottles are just so darned gorgeous.This 2013 Winemaker’s Handprint Merlot is a classic. Dark fruit like currants and cherries marry on the nose with hints of toffee and caramel. The wine explodes on your palate with more cherries, and hints of the best strawberry rhubarb pie you’ve ever had. There’s no shortage of subtle, toasty oak and big, powerful tannins throughout the palate and finish of this wine. This 2013 Handprint will age beautifully and develop more richness and roundness for years to come. Alcohol 14.7%%.

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Meeker Vineyard 2013 Winemakers’ Handprint Merlot


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