December is the so-called “season of giving.” Some people enjoy gift shopping and bring to it skill and intuition in terms of what they buy, when and where, and what they decide will please their recipients most. Others hate shopping for gifts, to the point that the expectation ruins the winter holidays. The rest of us fall somewhere between those extremes.

If you locate yourself more toward the hater side, and even if you don’t, wine could be just the right gift for people you might never have thought would appreciate it. While wine is going mainstream, it is still considered somewhat exotic and elite, which adds to its allure as a gift. It has the added advantages of being easily available at many prices. Your only difficulty might be deciding on a particular wine, but even that is a minor problem with a little help from a clerk (or me).

In case you haven’t noticed from direct observation, women wine drinkers now outnumber men and account for 54% of consumption, according to the Wine Market Council. Women also comprise 50% of high frequency wine drinkers, drinking wine regularly. If you have a romantic attachment to a particular giftee, a bottle of sparkling wine would be great. But otherwise, you know what she likes and can order as many bottles as your budget permits.

What is good for Jill is good for Jack. So the men on your list will also appreciate wine. But you probably already know that. I suggest an unusual red, either a varietal or a blend, because anyone can purchase his own Cabernet.

The Millennials in your life love wine. As long as they are 21 years old or older, wine is on their wish list. Since they have no brand loyalty and love to experiment, get them any wine you’ve never heard of, any obscure varietal or blend, but certainly not Chardonnay, Cabernet, or Pinot Noir. They’re still paying off student loans and don’t have disposable income, so any unusual wine at any price will please them.

Wine is a natural gift for the boss, the colleague, the client. If you suspect that any of these people consume only the finest of anything, go for pricier and, of course, unusual. A single bottle of fine wine is one of few commodities that does not require multiple repetitions.

In case you’re still not convinced, Nielsen, which tracks consumer purchases, reports that wine continues to show the largest growth of all measured Nielsen categories, making the United States the biggest market for wine in the world. Everyone loves it.

Happy Holidays!