Typically my articles are light at heart and feature some interesting story, wine etiquette, or wine facts and fun. This month, I’m going for a little more serious issue that wine companies like us are incurring.

Wine Spectator wrote an article last year called Wine Lovers Face Increasing Hurdles Ordering Online. The link for the story can be found on their website. It’s a little long, but well worth the read.

It has become increasing difficult for us to ship wine to a multitude of states. It seems like the number of states restricting our shipments grows each year. There are some states, like Mississippi that we can no longer ship whatsoever.

UPS and FedEx announced they could not transport alcohol to states that did not allow out-of-state retailer shipping, which we seem to fall under. Many of you have experienced the frustration of delayed shipments because we have to find third party vendors to get your wine to you. This has created delays in deliveries.

The reason, from my direct experience, is wholesalers. The article also supports that theory. Wholesalers have spent $107 million on state political campaigns in the past five election cycles. They want to ensure that any wine you buy comes from them and them alone. They’ve made sure that state laws are structured in a way that decreases healthy market competition.

What can you do? Really pay attention to what laws are being passed in your state. Most people don’t pay that much attention to legislation that imposes restrictions such as this. Too often, lobbyist are able to see that their greed based protections are slipped in quietly. Call your representatives. Ask questions. Give feedback. Typically, I’ve found from being an outspoken constituent, they really do listen, most anyway.

Also, be patient with us. Our warehouse does a great job finding ways to get your wine orders to you. If your state doesn’t allow direct shipments from us, it can take up to a couple of weeks for your order to arrive, but Jason usually finds a way to get it there. He does a fantastic job!

Cross your fingers for us. We’re a small business and each new state that applies restrictions, hurts our future.

In the meantime, Happy Wining!