by Debra Williams

I wanted to share some happy news for all my fellow wine lovers out there. The future of wine is looking fantastic. It is quickly becoming the alcoholic beverage of choice for Millennials.

37% of Boomers (that’s me) report drinking wine at least once a month. 33% of Millennials report the same thing. In fact, wine threatens to displace traditional beer and cocktails as the drink of choice for this age category.

My fellow Boomers, take it as a complement that much of the Millennial love of wine came from us. It is believed that we passed down the “wine gene”. The late 20 year-olds (mol) watched us drink, rate, discuss, wine. Because of that, they have dove into wine exploration with a much greater level of comfort than perhaps we did. This according to Nancy Light of Wine Institute, a California based nonprofit.

Those born in the 80’s see wine as more of a social experience. As I can attest from our many wine adventures, it is not uncommon to see young people in droves at a vineyard or barrel tasting event. According to Rob McMillan, EVP and founder of the Silicon Valley Bank Wine Division, wine is not only becoming more sophisticated, but it is becoming more affordable as well.

This fact is clearly supported when one looks at wine consumption. 25% of all wine consumption is done by Millennials.

Millennials are also willing to pay more for their wine. We Boomers average $19 per bottle. The 27 year old is more inclined to spend, on average, $27. And, according to a Vivino survey, more than half of Millennials say they buy wine weekly. They are more apt to purchase wine based on how it is made versus ratings and typically go for wine that is lesser known.

They are also more likely to share their wine thoughts and palette experiences on social media. In fact, 46% of Vivino’s app users are between the ages of 18 and 36.

I think wine’s future is very bright and that there are some exciting times ahead thanks to our young, sophisticated wine