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The Wine Witch™

The Wine Witch® is a most noble witch and likes nothing more than to talk about wine, a most noble beverage, and provide wine insiders information. She is the owner of Celebrations Wine Club® and invites you to join.

She also invites you to ask general wine questions or more specific ones about California or Italian wines or wines from other countries or about particular producers. She will send her email responses directly to you. Please be patient as you await her response. She answers only by night, and some nights are shorter than others. But she could easily surprise both you and herself with an immediate answer.

Here’s to illumination! It helps.

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In business for over 20 years, we dedicate ourselves to delicious wines and to telling their stories from grape to glass. We are the only company online that specializes in both Californian & Italian wine of the month clubs. Call us, and most of the time, the owner answers.