Araldica La Luciana Gavi 2017 DOCG


Color: Light straw yellow color
Bouquet: Aromas of grapefruit, green apple and lemon
Flavor: Light-medium bodied with balanced citrus and green fruit notes, mineral overtones and a dry finish
Pairings: Excellent aperitif; accompanies hors d’oeuvres or seafood dishes

Alcohol Content: 12%
Serving Temperature: 46-50°F
Production: 250,000 bottles

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Araldica La Luciana Gavi DOCG

La Luciana refers to the name of the vineyard. Cortese is one of the most important dry white wines produced in Piemonte. It is produced in the Upper Monferrato in a district bounded by the rivers Bormida and Scrivia and flanked by the Ligurian Apennines. The winemaking area’s principal centers are Acqui, Ovada and Novi, all in the province of Alessandria. Cortese, which is the district’s most typical white grape variety, is believed to have originated locally and was already well known by the 18th century.

The first fairly detailed description of the Cortese grape can, in fact, be found in the ampelography of the varieties cultivated in Piemonte that was compiled by Count Nuvolone, deputy director of the Turin Agrarian Society, in 1789. He observed that Cortese “has rather elongated clusters with fairly large grapes, which, when ripe, become yellow and are good to eat. The vine bears abundantly and the wine keeps well.”