Venturini 2011 Amarone


Venturini 2011 Amarone consists of Corvina
70%, Rondinella 25%, and Molinara 5%.
The Venturini Amarone is a wine with an
intriguing color, an intense ruby red wine
that over the years becomes a deep garnet
color. The nose expresses an intense,
ethereal bouquet. The flavor has charismatic
personality with velvety tannins and a
long enveloping softness. Strong red fruit
and cherry bouquet, spiced and balsamic
notes emerge. It has a warm, velvety,
robust flavor with a pleasantly bitter after
taste. Pairs well with game, grilled meat,
braised meat and mature cheeses. Serve
in wide-rimmed glasses, to enjoy its melodious
nature. Alcohol 14.5%.

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Venturini 2011 Amarone