by Robin L. Obert

As I sat and contemplated my article this month, I became a bit perplexed. I go over hearing about New Year’s resolutions and the saddening percentage of those that are kept. I, for one, do not make resolutions. Every day I strive to be better at whatever it is. I attempt to be a strong encourager, but like most, I do fall down. Most of us do so that is a moot point. I thought of many topics, none seemed to grab me. Well, that was until a keynote speaker entered the room during a general session at a conference my colleagues and I attended last week.

A young man by the name of Kai Knight entered the room playing his violin. It was mesmerizing, over the top hypnotic. I’m a freak for symphony, so this was right up my alley. When Kai finished, he walked up on stage and began his talk. It was at that point that he resonated (no pun intended) the thoughts and feelings that I had been dwelling on for quite some time. He put his thoughts into a musical scenario which I completely love. When I began to dwell on his presentation, I realized that I wanted to share with you, my audience, the importance of becoming the best that you can be while making a positive impact on the lives that you touch every day.

I don’t know if you know this, but chef’s love food in a different way than anyone else in the world. Food is an obsession. Food is our love, food is our life! It is what we are consumed with. Those of us who are really serious about it are preoccupied with the next dish every single second of our lives. Have you ever dined with a chef? If you have, you will totally understand what I’m talking about. We are rarely happy and mostly never satisfied. It’s almost an illness. We strive for a perfection that most knowingly doesn’t exist. It’s as though you are chasing a love that is just out of reach. So, suffice it to say, I cannot convey what I am attempting to say in the number of words that I am allotted in my article. In the next few months, I will be sharing my thoughts and words that will be surprising to most. I am going to challenge you through food, wine, and recipes. This journey will push you and make you think. Enjoy!