It seems satirical and ironic to be discussing hot topics knowing how horrible California is burning right now.

As I’m sure some of you have discovered, even getting wine delivered to you right now has proven to be a bit of a challenge. We have some customers that have waited weeks for their delivery.

I wanted to go serious with you this month and give you an update of what is happening in our great state.

First, for those of you still waiting for your wine. I’m so sorry. I wish I could control the conditions our warehouse is enduring right now. We’ve gone multiple days without electricity, knowing that fires were dangerously close, most of the folks there have been directly or indirectly affected by the flames.

Unfortunately, the number of major fires seems to be increasing daily. We now have Kincade, Maria, Ranch, and Eagle Fires burning in the state. The good news, the Kincade fire is almost under control and many evacuees are being allowed to return home.

At least 11 wineries have been confirmed significantly or totally damaged, the bad news side of the story. One of the worst losses was that of the Soda Rock Winery, 70 miles north of San Francisco. With buildings that were dated to be 150 years old, it’s an irreplaceable loss. Not only are the buildings gone, but the grapes and all inventory as well.

“We’ve seen the news. We are devastated.” The winery posted on Facebook. “Our staff is safe-right now what is most important is the safety of the first responders battling the fire. Thank you everyone for your concern.”

What I love about California, is the resiliency of its people. Soda, like the rest of the devastated areas in California, will rebuild. It’s how they are.In the meantime, be patient with us. Be patient with our warehouse people. We’ll soon be back on track.

Until then, keep California in your prayers. Happy Wining!