by Debra Williams

If you remember, last month I wrote about using left over wine to make a wine vinaigrette. I hope that some of you are tying it with me. I started mine on April 29th, so it has sat in a dark room for nearly a month now. I posted pictures of my soon-to-be red wine vinaigrette on Facebook. Check it out.

In the meantime, I thought I’d share with you some additional uses for wine. These are more unusual in nature, but might be interesting to try. If you try any of them, please be sure and go to Facebook and let me know how it worked or shoot me a quick email.

Did you know that in India wine is used in many facial spas? It is thought that the antioxidants, we all know to be in wine, are also extremely good for the skin. According to Stephanie Rogers, 2011 Ecosalon article, Actress Teri Hatcher pours a glass of red wine into her bath water.

Wine has been used for years to help expedite the healing of bruises. Once thought to be a tale passed down by Grandma, it turns out that the antioxidants that help soften our skin are also beneficial in treating bruises. Grandma said to soak bread with wine and rest on the bruise, or one can soak a rag and wrap around the inflamed area.

What about some wine jelly? Yep, there are recipes out there for that as well. All it takes is some pectin and sugar. Stephanie Rogers has a great suggestion. What about champagne and strawberries? Yum!

Fabric Dye. That’s an obvious one. For those of us who have struggled with wine stains, what better way to maximize that staining factor by using it to dye a faded bed sheet or T-Shirt.

A green alternative to fossil fuel. I saved the best for last. Prince Charles has converted his Aston Martin to run on leftover wine. It runs cleaner, thus, by doing so, is able to reduce carbon emissions. Wine bio-ethanol is actually something that you can purchase. Wine bio-ethanol. I wonder if there’s a recipe out there. Club members, stay tuned…