The Sale

Down to BusinessUntil now, we have never had a sale, and this first was a great success. Duh… Why didn’t we think of it earlier? The logic was always that we were giving customers great value with our normal reorder prices and did not need to offer deeper discounts. But over time, the warehouse floor has become hazardous to anyone who needed to get from one end to the other, occupied as it has been with leftover cases of wine from past shipments. In fact, the sale was so successful, that we will make it a permanent offering. If we get to choose the mix of wines, you can purchase a half case of Artisan Series wines at $49.99 or a full case at $99.99. Shipping is free. You can purchase from the “store” at the website, by calling me, or by sending an email. See the front page of the newsletter for contact information. You will pay $8.33 a bottle for wines, whose normal retail is $16 to $30 a bottle. You can choose reds or whites, Californian or Italian, or a mix unless we are out of one of those categories. You will see that information in the website “store.” These will be wines from selections that we have shipped at least four months earlier and before. You won’t find a better “deal” anywhere.

If you want to order specific wines, reorder prices will remain the same, $66 for a half case plus $19.99 for shipping and $132 for a full case plus $34.99 for shipping. That’s $13.92 per bottle, including shipping, again for wines that normally sell between $16 to $30 a bottle. This too is a great “deal.”

Email Address

We received some complaints though. By the time we put the sale information in the newsletters, we were already sold out of Californian red wines. Some people wanted to know why they were left out of the loop. The first notification of the sale was announced in the monthly email that we send to people in the website database. If you are not getting these emails, you are either a gift recipient or a customer of very long standing, who joined before we constructed the current version of the website. You can sign up by going to, scrolling down to the bottom of the home page, and typing in your email address in the left corner. Usually, we devote the email to announcing the current wines of the month, but we also send news of various kinds. Last month, the email contained notification of the sale.

Tracking Numbers

Another advantage to giving us your email address is that UPS can email your tracking number to you after we generate the label. If you are receiving a gift, the person who gave it to you is getting the tracking number. If you would prefer to receive the information yourself, please call or email your email address. Having that tracking number would give you advance notice of your package arrival date within several days. For more precise information, you could call UPS or me.

If you joined the wine club yourself but are not receiving monthly tracking numbers, once again, you are probably a long time member. You would need to email us and request tracking number notification. This year is the 20th anniversary of Celebrations Wine Club, and 20 years ago, email was cutting edge communication as was the internet. Most people who joined the club in those early years, found us online but then picked up the telephone to order but first to ask what exactly we were doing because even the wine-of-the-month concept was new. Those of us who go back that far live in a state of perpetual amazement at how much a part of our lives this technology has become. Here’s to tech miracles!