If you like us on Facebook, and we hope you do, we had a trivia question. Our question this month was, “What Country Invented Sparkling Wine”. Surprisingly, no one came up with the correct answer.

The reason for that is the mere fact, we all associate sparkling wine with France. I was included in that group as well. We got lots of France and Spain guesses, but no guessed the correct answer.

Sparkline wine, which is a wine with significant levels of carbon dioxide making it fizzy to the palate and nose, was actually invented by the British. They produced the first bottles. Interesting, huh?

The English imported non-sparkling wine from the Champagne region of France. They, however, preferred to have bubbles in their wine. So, they took the imported wine and stored it in cellars over the winter. It was there that it underwent a secondary fermentation. Initially, the French were not impressed and made multiple attempts to keep the British from “spoiling” their wine.

Later, the myth would arise that sparkling wine was invented by Dom Perignon. Not true. Those myths came from a marketing campaign that ran around the early part of the 20th century for a Champagne company.

Anyone want to guess what champagne the company produced? Yep, Dom Perignon. Dom Perignon did make improvements to sparkling wine. He started using stronger bottles and developed a strong closure system. This helped contain the powerful buildup of pressure within the bottles. He also experimented with blending the contents.

The pressure in champagne can be as high as 90 pounds per square inch, so many bottles were broken over the years, and it did take years for Dom Perignon to develop the right combination of glass, pressure, and blend. In fact, it would take a century to achieve the final product.

Now we know.

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Happy Wining to you all!