We’re bordering on the New Year! A time for bubbly and celebration! We’ve been through some incredibly turbulent and difficult times of late. Let’s throw division aside and find the joy and love in our hearts (for each other) that is meant to be!

Let me introduce myself. I’m Chef Robin L. Obert. I’m in school nutrition and was formerly a chef for a Governor in my state. I resigned my position with the Governor to serve our amazing kids. It’s my personal effort to be a part of changing the paradigm of school nutrition. I want our kids to achieve the goal of being adventurous eaters! I have been involved in food service for over 30 years. I’ve not regretted my career for even one day of my life!

I’m excited to begin my new venture with all of you! My passions are food and wine! I’m both a Chef and Sommelier, my goal is to give each and every one that I serve a personal and extraordinary experience! Through this venue I hope to give you an extended excitement for both food and wines of the world!

One of the areas that fascinate me the most is the women of wine. Two of my favorites are The Widow Clicquot and Argentinian wine maker Susan Balbo. I will be writing more about these two women in the future. They both have made a global and lasting impact on the world of wine for all of us!

In the coming new year I implore all of you to push yourselves to move closer to your dreams. It’s easier than it sounds. What makes you smile? Truly, if you run towards your true love I promise that you will find success and happiness!

In the next year I will discover with you different cultures and wine experiences. I’m so excited and would love to get to know each and every one of you a bit more! Thank you for allowing me to be part of your love for wine and life!

I hope your New Year is filled with much wine, joy and laughter. I look forward to an ongoing and educational experience!

Aged wine and corks!
Wine generally ages better than the corks do, thank goodness. The Renaissance wines featured this month will have somewhat brittle corks. An Ah So type cork puller will probably work best. If the cork doesn’t make it out in one piece, just strain the wine and enjoy.