Before opening your bottle of Celebrations Wine this month, let’s talk about how to maximize the taste of that bottle of wine. Hopefully I can help you have THE perfect glass wine every time.

Never to be neglected in its importance is the wine glass. The glass design determines how the aromas reach your nose, as well as how the wine is received on the palate. Glasses can be wine specific. If you are drinking a Pinot, use a glass designed for Pinot.

Our favorite stemware maker is Riedel. They’ve been around for forever and have stemware design down to a science. In my opinion, they are the best glasses on the market today.

For fun, just to see the difference it makes, do an experiment at home. Poor the same wine into a Riedel glass (or one of your preference that meets the criteria given above), then pour two other glasses into random glasses of choice. You will be amazed at the difference in the nose and palate.

Next, for our perfect glass of wine, let the wine breathe. It takes ten to thirty minutes for a bottle of wine to open up. When we are having guests, especially a wine tasting, the wine has been put in a decanter ahead of time. If we do not have time to decant, then we use an aerator. An aerator plugs into the neck of the bottle. There, using gravity to force the wine through a mesh, air is let into the wine and expedites the “opening up” process.

My opinion, if you’ve got the time, decanting is always the best. Think timing. Before you serve the first bottle, open the second and pour into your decanter to let the flavors come alive.

Lastly, don’t let open wine sit for very long before finishing. Most wine, after opening, just last two days, then the alcohol begins to evaporate out of the wine. This leaves you with a flat, vinegar tasting, undrinkable bottle of wine.

There are cork systems that will allow you to recork the bottle and remove the air for longer keeping. Even then, the recommended time to finish the bottle is within five days.

Last, but most importantly, surround yourself with good friends, or a good book, or a beautiful sunset and enjoy the moment.

Happy Wining All!