In my home state, liquor laws are archaic and highly restrictive. The first challenge is that, quite simply, it’s the heart of the Bible Belt. While that makes it a state known for charity, heartiness, and selflessness, it also leads to the view that the consumption of alcohol in any form is sinful and a sure path to self-destruction.

The second challenge is the political environment. There are two families in this state that, through money and politics, have been able to keep a tight control and monopoly on the flow of liquor in and out of the state. It has been that way for decades.

Now, however, it is an exciting time! There is a key initiative coming up in the next election that could totally liberalize the laws governing liquor sales. They may actually be able to go to the local grocery store and, while picking up milk and bread, be able to purchase a lovely bottle of wine for dinner that evening. Pretty exciting stuff!

So, as is my usual fashion, I got to thinking. Are all states as behind the times as this? Are there other places with as nonsensical laws and ideologies as ours? And, out came the pocket protector and abacus and off I was with my research pen in hand.

The answer I found is a resounding yes. Other states can be just as silly as us… Come with me while we go on a quick US Laughable Laws and Liquor Tour. Let’s begin.

Utah: Here it is legal to have wine with a meal, but only if one asks for the wine list. It is illegal to sale alcohol during an emergency and one must order food in order to get served alcohol at a restaurant.

Connecticut: Sorry Huskies fans, you’re out of luck on Sundays. No alcohol sells on that day.

Iowa: Bring cash or credit if you go to a bar. It is illegal in your state to run a tab.

Montana: Play in a band? Be careful in Billings. If you leave the stage while performing, you could spend the night in the pokey.

Kansas: This one is a doozy. According to an Attorney General at one point in time, it was illegal to drink in an airliner in Kansas airspace while flying over parts of Kansas that are “dry”. It would seem that “Kansas goes all the way up and all the down”, so the law covers all the down and all the up. I’d love to see that high speed chase!

I’d love to continue. There are SO many, but I’m already over my word limit. Perhaps another day, I’ll share some more. To sum it up, there are still laughable laws out there and it is strange the views some have of alcohol. Cheers my friends. Keep Wining!