Look at Mark ZuckerbergTake a good look at Mark Zuckerberg. His photo is everywhere now that Facebook has filed its intent to become a public company. The older you are by comparison to him, the less value you will probably see in Facebook. He is 27 years-old, and I’m old enough to be his mother. I am not in the demographic that he targets. But I have a daughter his age, who values social networking sites and has taught me to appreciate them more than I otherwise might.

She is often too busy to make or answer individual phone calls. Instead, she updates her Facebook page to communicate simultaneously with friends and family members. Did she find the Abyssinian she was shopping for when I saw her last week? Duh, Finian’s photo is on Facebook together with comments from many of her friends and several cousins, who are sharing cat info, cat stories, and cat videos with her, an experience not unlike all of us living on the same block.

Following that example, Celebrations Wine Club at last has a Facebook page. My hope is that it will join us together in the same neighborhood, where we can enjoy informal exchanges. For example, in the last couple of weeks, San Francisco has been overrun by Italian winemakers, gathered here for the Gambero Rosso Tre Bicchierri tasting. Any Italian wine that receives the Tre Bicchierri accolade is one of the best of the best. The tasting is acknowledged by most people in the trade to be by far the most extraordinary one of the year, no matter which wines they may be associated with, whether Californian, German, French, Spanish and so on. And this is a town that hosts non-stop wine tastings. Imagine the privilege of tasting the best wines from a single country that produces so much wine. I will be posting photos and comments from the tasting on the Celebrations Wine Club Facebook page. You may be inspired to attend this yearly tasting tour on one of its stops in New York, Chicago, or here in San Francisco.

Club members often call me or email stories about their wine experiences. Now you can share these stories with one another as well as with me. I’m hoping that this Facebook page will be a resource for all. Did you prepare a particular meal for a wine that you received this month that was so terrific that you’d like to suggest it for others? A club member sent me two bottles of wine from a winery near his home in Georgia. They were both terrific. I can now pass on that info. Another club member sent me photos of a walking trip that he took through Italy. Have you ever thought of taking such a trip?

This is after all a business, so on the Celebrations Wine Club Facebook page, I can list various wines that I might have in the warehouse that you may have overlooked or forgotten to reorder. Some of them may have received the Tre Bicchierri award, and yes, that also means that Robert Parker and Wine Spectator gave it 90-plus scores.

I’m announcing a contest to further inspire you to go to the Celebrations home page, click the Facebook “Like” button at the bottom of the menu, and go to the Celebrations Wine Club Facebook page. On the first day of spring, March 21st, I’ll draw a name from the list of visitors and send that winner a two-bottle package from the Italian Collector Series. If you don’t currently subscribe to that tier, you may have noticed that its price is $112 plus shipping. Building a neighborhood requires a little effort. I’ll see you there.