Because of the signature requirement for alcohol, most of you receive your packages at your offices, the easiest way to accommodate the regulation, which has become a serious one. Others have their packages shipped to nearby family members or friends, who can provide the signature. But if you work from your house or are retired, you are probably “in and out,” so being available to sign for the package can at least occasionally be challenging. Here is some advice that may be helpful.

Please give us your email address if we don’t already have it. Our contact information is located on the first page of the newsletter or on the website. If we have a correct address, you’ll receive the approximate delivery date and tracking number when we generate the label. You can call the carrier with the tracking number to get a precise delivery date.

Take the door tag seriously. The driver will attempt delivery three times. In the event that you are not available on the first attempt and find a tag stuck to your door, read it. You’ll see a reference number and a phone number. Call the number and ask the carrier to deliver at a convenient time on the next two attempts. The carrier will try to accommodate your schedule. But it’s true that, each day, the driver will be in your area at a certain time and will prefer to drop off the package then. When the driver delivers, ask what time he or she is normally on your street. Or call the number on the door tag to find out. But when that hour is inconvenient, call the carrier and insist on another time.

What’s at issue here, is the phone call that you’ll have to make if you need to reschedule a delivery. Be comforted. Like anything else, habit will kick in, and you’ll develop an altered consciousness that will take note of the approximate delivery date in the email. You’ll anticipate the approximate delivery time of the package after you find out when the driver is normally in your neighborhood, and finally you’ll develop the willingness to make the phone call to the carrier when you anticipate a conflict.

Life is full of petty annoyances, but those you will receive from the signature requirement will be entirely mitigated by the contents of the package. Enjoy!