Usually I choose subjects that are light hearted or random information centric. I truly do like to learn new things, as my mind tends to be inquisitive, and then share whatever random piece of information I’ve learned with you the reader.

With the holidays approaching, however, I thought I’d take this opportunity to get serious and talk about giving. My faith teaches me that we are to give of our time, our talents, and our tithe. Most faiths, if not all, teach an obligation to take care of those in our society less fortunate.

I wanted to tell you about a small nursing home in my community. It is a 54 bed facility. My daughter is the HR Director there. She kept coming home and telling about the residents that occupy those rooms. They are Medicare/ Medicaid, beyond impoverished, and literally have nothing. I mean nothing.

She kept coming home and telling me, “Mother, you have got to do something to help these people”. She would tell me specific stories about residents with no shoes or ragged clothes. Most the occupants have no family, no friends. No one. No one visits, no one fights for them, no one takes care of their basic needs. No one. May none of us ever end up this alone.

So yesterday my daughter and I took a big bottle of punch and two containers of cookies and we went and sat in the cafeteria. I got to meet some of the most interesting and colorful people. I met a school teacher, a church cook and choir member, an elderly gentleman that might have been in the legal field, a mother, and a truck driver. The others I don’t know yet, but have made it my personal quest to find out about each of their lives. I want to give them all voices.

I’ve started putting together care packages and hopefully can help provide for some basic needs. We’re not wealthy by any means, but Sam Walton has done a great job creating an empire of affordable goods, i.e. got some great deals at WalMart. I’m also reaching out to our friends and churches in the neighborhood and asking them to do the same thing.

Why do I tell you all this? It’s certainly not to boast. My reason is twofold. One, I wanted to tell you how insanely easy it was to put it all together. I just had to take the time to do it. Second, I wanted to challenge you to do the same. Find your place, that place in the community that needs a touch, a voice, a hand, a hug.

Don’t assume someone is already helping. They’re not. They thought you were doing it. Oops. Funny how it works that way… Make this Thanksgiving and Christmas about giving. Help someone find a voice.

Let me know what you find. What you are doing this holiday season to make the world a better place? Facebook me and tell me your story. Choose to give.