Tracking Your PackageWhen I started Celebrations Wine Club about 18 years ago with direct mail marketing, a friend said, “You should have a website.” I replied, “What’s that?” “Don’t worry,” he said. “I’ll put one up for you.” Soon after, we added a primitive shopping cart. But back in the past, people didn’t trust shopping carts or the businesses they were attached to. We took most orders with the old technology, a phone attached to a wire. I was on the phone continuously, taking orders, defending the business. “No, we’re not tricksters or imposters. We’re really a wine-of-the-month club, and if we bill your credit card, you really will receive the wine that you ordered.”

Today, I rarely talk on the phone. Orders come in from the website, and the only people who might call to place an order or vet the company are likely to be older people, who continue to be skeptical of this technology. Young people, on the other hand, totally trust the internet, maybe too much so, but that’s another argument whose resolution is yet to come. They own it and all of its offshoots, emailing, texting, and tweeting. They buy online. They bank online. They socialize online. They work online. And they over-throw governments online.

We have recently connected our website to our United Parcel Service program. U.P.S. will now email tracking numbers to those who have ordered from our website, and these Club members can follow the route of their packages on the U.P.S. website and anticipate the delivery date if they are so inclined. But those who placed phone orders or ordered from older versions of our website, won’t automatically receive this information, although it’s only an email away. Simply email with the request so that we can put your email address into the U.P.S. program that generates your label.

If you are receiving a gift that friends or family members ordered for you online, they will receive the tracking number. You might ask them to forward the email to you. If you enrolled yourself, then you will receive the tracking number when it is issued. And for those of you who appreciate surprises, be assured that your packages will arrive without notification at the same time as the others who monitored the route. And you are always welcome to call me at 800-700-6227 if you’d like me to track a package.