We like to think we’re cool although we might not have a definition for the condition. But whatever it means, it’s positive. Part of what cool suggests is trend-setting, not just following, but going out into the world and making original observations, noticing objects, ideas, locations, practices that stimulate our interest, the singer no one else has heard, the travel destination no one visits, and you guessed it, the wine no one has ever tasted.

Given the latest statistics on wine consumption, we are very cool. Why? Because Celebrations Wine Club members drink Italian and/or Californian wine, now the two most desirable wine categories in the United States, and probably do it almost every day, unlike most of our fellow citizens, who have yet to enjoy either one.

The Wine Market Council recently released its 2015 report on U.S. wine consumption, announcing that Americans purchase more imported Italian wine than wine from any other country. Sixty-four percent of high frequency wine drinkers surveyed in the study, those who drink wine almost daily, said that they purchased Italian wine in the last two months, followed by French wine (56%), Australian (45%), Spanish (43%), Chilean (34%), and Argentinean (34%).

Regarding California, the state makes 90 percent of all wine in the U.S. with three of every five bottles sold in the U.S. coming from California. But if you drink Californian wine and think those numbers keep you from being cool because everyone is doing it, you are wrong.

Even though California is the fourth largest wine producer after France, Italy, and Spain, much is exported. Americans drink only three gallons of wine per year, a little over a bottle a month. But that’s the average. A huge number of Americans never drink wine. So once again, if we are high frequency drinkers of wine, and for our health and well being I hope we all are, then we are trend setters.

Because of the size of our population, the U.S. is the largest market in the world, increasing wine consumption every year since 2000. But at this time, just 13 percent of us drinks wine almost every day. Twenty seven percent drinks occasionally, 24 percent doesn’t drink wine, and 36 percent never drinks alcohol of any kind. Nationally, we occupy the 39th place in the world for per capita wine consumption. Given these numbers, Celebrations Wine Club members are an esoteric bunch in a country that is just beginning to develop a wine culture. We’re cool.