Well, the new year has arrived. Happy New Year to all! So what trends will we see this year in the wine industry in 2019?

Organic and biodynamic will continue to grow in popularity and scope. As we all continue to understand the impact of climate change, how humans contribute, and to seek changes in methodologies to reduce our footprints, more and more in the wine industry are looking for more “natural” ways to work with the land, produce great grapes and wine, while having minimal impact on the earth.

Biodynamic producers use no unnatural chemicals. This allows the land to maintain its health while also producing healthier grapes.

As the number of young wine drinkers continues to grow exponentially, they also are driven to more organic, vegan, and biodynamic wines. Young wine drinkers research their purchases and make buying decisions based on producers that are earth friendly. So, the market is driving the direction of wine producers as well.

2018 saw the millennial generation out drink Baby Boomers. According to Winevoice.com, 28% of millennials drink wine on a daily basis. They shop for labels with colorful graphics and catchy names. 51% of millennial women prefer sustainably or organic wines.

2019 will show an exponential increase in marketing to this age group.

Another trend for 2019 is that people are drinking wine at home, choosing to save money on an expensive glass at a restaurant. Instead, spending the same amount of money for a bottle to take home. On site wine and beer purchases are down. That trend is expected to continue through 2019.

On a fun side, wine slushies are gaining in popularity. This too is driven by young wine consumers. Wine slushies are made by blending wine, fruit, and ice together. Though wine slushies have been around for years, 2018 saw its popularity explode.

2019 is projected to be no different. Restaurants have even begun adding this choice to their beverage menus.

If you want to try one, check out Pinterest. There are a lot of really yummy sounding recipes out there.

Bourbon barrel wine. Keep your eye on this in 2019. Some winemakers have started aging wine in barrels that once held bourbon. The barrels are charred for aroma and flavor, according to winevoice.com. Sounds intriguingly yummy.

Whatever 2019 brings to you, we wish you a happy, healthy, and blessed year. Happy Wining All!