by Debra Williams

I thought, in this newsletter, I’d share with you some fun and/or unusual facts about wine. Away we go.

Did you know…
Oenophobia is an actual fear of wine. We, of course, hope none of our members has it.

It is always best to store wine laying down. If the bottle is standing upright, the cork can actually dry out and shrink causing it fall into the wine.

The oldest known wine cellar is still resting at the bottom of the ocean on the Titanic. It is thought to still be intact, based on observations from divers. The oldest bottle of wine was found near a town in Germany called Speyer. It has been dated to A.D. 325.

In Roman times, it was forbidden for a woman to drink wine. If a woman was found to be drinking wine, her husband had the right to kill her. Kind of brings a whole new meaning to the term “closet drinker”.

“Drinking to one’s health” came from the Greeks. The host of any dinner would take the first sip of wine to assure his guests that the wine was not poisoned. Seems like a fun crowd.

The four largest producers of wine are France, Spain, Italy, and California. We, of course, are very partial to the latter two. The complexity of the organic compounds found in wine is greater than that of blood serum, and one would have to drink 20 glasses of apple juice to get the same amount of antioxidants found in wine. It gets even better. Wine has no fat and no cholesterol. How great is that!

Drinking wine improves your sex life. An Italian study found that women who drink two glasses of wine daily, enjoy physical pleasure more intensely than women who do not. The country with highest consumption of red wine is China, 155 million 9-litre cases of red wine in 2013. France, Portugal, and Italy round out the top four. In the U.S., California, New York, and Florida take the lead for red wine consumption.

There’s an organization that utilizes wine tastings as an opportunity to raise funds to dig wells in Africa. They are called Wine to Water, Check out their website.

We at Celebrations, of course, believe wine to be the maker of great friends, great times, and great memories.

Cheers Everyone!